Born in Montreal, based in Los Angeles.  With close to 15 years of international industrial design experience working in various industries such as consumer electronics, toys, juvenile products, sporting goods, bags, medical and more.  Having lived in both North America and Asia, he has many years experience with overseas manufacturers dealing with large companies like Foxconn, and Quanta Computer.  He has the entrepreneurial spirit having helped launch FLIP IT while acting as creative director + operational manager, he oversaw all the creative and manufacturing development.



Remember the university friend that graduated and boldly moved to a different country never to come back...  that's Archie.  As a Canadian industrial designer, based in Ningbo, China, Archie has over 15 years of industrial design, mass production and international business experience.
He designs and oversees products from napkin sketches to market ready, delivered to your door step.  Connected to many partners in China, he's worked on various product categories such as; industrial equipment and tools, scientific equipment, consumer appliances, recreational vehicles & accessories, food packaging & beverage brewing equipment, health + beauty, medical and more.



Over 11 years of international merchandising experience working in various industries such as consumer electronics, toys, bags, shoes, hair accessories, baby carrier, packaging, and juvenile products.    Jack has many years experience working with the large US retailers like Disney, The children’s Place and Infantino, acting as product developer, sourcing and manager.  He's dealt with products for the U.S, Canadian and European markets.  Based in Hong Kong, Jack speaks english, cantonese and mandarin and is always on the go... we tell him to chill, but that's just how he is



Our other Hong Kong connection.  Having 13 years of global merchandising experience working in factory sales teams, trading companies, sourcing and purchaser.   Joseph has worked on product categories such as home-ware, stationery & office, luggage, shoes, and consumer electronics for large brands like Disney,  Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Tesco and Target.  Also fluent and english, cantonese and mandarin, Joseph will make sure things get done and won't let factories walk all over him.