When should we contact Trova?

Ideally before you launch your crowdfunding campaign, but it's not mandatory.   The last thing you want is doing a successful campaign only to find out that you'll need a lot more resources, money and time to complete your product, causing very unhappy customers.   We can help you with realistic timelines, cost analysis and finding a manufacturer so you're ready to go. 

At what level of development should my product be before working with Trova?

We can turn your napkin sketch into a working product.  That being said, the more you give us such as detailed spec drawings, BOM (Bill Of Materials) and CAD files, the faster the process will be.  

Can you help with tech drawings, BOM's, CAD files and other design related services?

Of course, we have industrial design and engineering support that can assist, but as we mentioned, the more you provide us, the better and faster we can help you.

Why use Trova as a middle man, when I can find my own manufacturers?

While sites like Alibaba can help find you manufacturers, finding reliable manufacturing partners overseas can be VERY challenging.  Consider the communication hassles, coordinating multiple vendors for certain parts + packaging, logistics, costly trips to Asia, and constant vigilance to make sure everything runs smoothly.  We have established manufacturing partners and people on the ground, that are ready to make your stuff, creating a simpler and cost effective process.

Can you also help ship our inventory to our door step?

Yes, we have partners that can help provide logistical assistance if needed, or we can guide you to other partners that can help. 

Are you for USA customers only?

Not at all, we're opened to customers worldwide.  If fact our team can communicate in English, French, Italian, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Can you help with other aspects of my crowdfunding campaign and business?

We're specialists in what we offer but we can definitely connect you to close partners that provide branding, packaging, webdesign video/photography, online advertising PR and sales. 

Why the name Trova?

Trova is the Italian word for find.   "Chi cerca trova", which means, whoever searches, will find.